TrendyMumma is an of the women, by the women, for the women online magazine, owned and managed by the illustrious Invocation MediaTek (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

Why TrendyMumma

A first of its kind, TrendyMumma is a contemporary online magazine that would enable women to widen their thinking and grow in a social environment like never before. Be it a 30 something mom to be or a 45-year-old newly wedded bride, for us, these women are not just smart and confident but highly spirited and stylish!. With roughly 30% of women in India accessing the Internet today, TrendyMumma aims to produce the right kind of content and be available when the other 70% arrives.

What we serve

What’s more? TrendyMumma is a wholesome destination for today’s women where we intend to serve them with all they deserve — content that is instant, clear, tasteful, and might we add, addictive with the design that is quirky yet relatable. Producing sincere and verified content is our go-to mantra, be it in the form of text or multimedia.

From easy-to-do beauty hacks to quick recipes, we offer our niche audience base with expert-backed content from various subjects like food, fitness, wellness, fashion, beauty, parenting, education, safety, relationship, and every other aspect that possibly touches a woman’s life today.

For every ‘TrendyMumma’ out there #BeTrendy and be with us.

TrendyMumma is on a mission to empower ladies every day, by enabling them to speak their truths, in their own voice, in the way they wish to express themselves. With our large community of supportive women, we want every mom to know they are not alone in this journey of motherhood/womanhood, and the content on our platform, which is engaging, relevant, and inspiring, ensures this.

Hitesh Arora
Trendy Mumma

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